Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Marvelous Medusa

Very pressed for time...but as I did promise to post some pretty pictures, here are a few featuring--yep, you guessed it--the marvelous, mysterious Madame M.  Enjoy the pulchritude, and have a great Labor Day, everyone! Hard to believe the summer is almost over.

The Pre-Raphaelites would have adored Medusa; but really, she would have been the perfect artistic subject for any era.
Fantastic Four 41-FrightfulFour-Medusa
Fantastic Four #41 (1965) The glorious Medusa by Kirby and Colletta

From Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #21 (1969), the work of the young Barry Windsor-Smith.

Barry Windsor-Smith Medusa Pin Up
Medusa Pin-Up in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #21

This is a gorgeous pin-up from Fantastic Four Annual #5 (1967), courtesy of Messrs. Kirby (who else??) and Giacoia.
Medusa Fantastic Four Annual Inhumans
Medusa Pin-Up in Fantastic Four Annual #5

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Madame Medusa and the Men of the Fantastic Four!

More marvelous Medusa musings! We've recently ruminated on a missed opportunity: Medusa hooking up with Reed during the time he and Sue were separated in the mid-1970s. Looking at Medusa's history, it seems she's always had her eye on Reed...even back in the Frightful Four days when she was joining the Sandman for a spot of tea. 

When Medusa officially joined the Fantastic Four in 1973, the lady with the living locks was right there to help out Reed whenever he became distraught about Sue. Sure, when helping Reed Medusa had a tendency to "play rough"  (to use the Sandman's phrase)...but she sometimes followed that up with a dinner invitation, so all was forgiven.

Medusa Reed Richards Fantastic Four
Medusa and Reed in Fantastic Four #140
Fantastic Four 142 Medusa Reed
Fantastic Four #142
And although nothing ever happened romance-wise, maybe just maybe deep-down Reed felt the same way--he sure didn't seem to like the sight of Medusa cozying up with Johnny, did he?

Fantastic Four #145: Reed interrupts
Well, I suppose Mr. Richards was a wee too distracted to properly appreciate Medusa's abundant charms. Perhaps Ben, with his down-to-earth manner and gruff charm would have been a better match for her, but he was dating Alicia; plus Thundra had the hots for him, so his dance card was full...

...but in Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2, away from the heat of the battle, Ben and Medusa seem to have some chemistry going. Love this panel!
Ben Grimm Medusa Giant-Size Fanatstic Four
Ben and Medusa  in Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2

Now onto Johnny. In the FF lettercols, Marvel queried the readers about the possibility of a Medusa-Johnny romance (never mind that in every other issue all Johnny did was bend Medusa's ear about her sister, Crystal).  In response some readers said yes;  others vetoed the idea. Then Marvel said that they'd leave it up to the next creative team to decide, and then--poof!--Medusa finished her tour of duty with the FF and hightailed it back to the Inhumans and her ever-lovin' Black Bolt.

So, no romance ever blossomed between Medusa and Johnny. But no sooner does Medusa leave the team, then what does Johnny do but fall for another lush-locked redhead--see for yourself, Tiger!
Fantastic Four #164

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