Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Marvelous Medusa

Very pressed for time...but as I did promise to post some pretty pictures, here are a few featuring--yep, you guessed it--the marvelous, mysterious Madame M.  Enjoy the pulchritude, and have a great Labor Day, everyone! Hard to believe the summer is almost over.

The Pre-Raphaelites would have adored Medusa; but really, she would have been the perfect artistic subject for any era.
Fantastic Four 41-FrightfulFour-Medusa
Fantastic Four #41 (1965) The glorious Medusa by Kirby and Colletta

From Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #21 (1969), the work of the young Barry Windsor-Smith.

Barry Windsor-Smith Medusa Pin Up
Medusa Pin-Up in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #21

This is a gorgeous pin-up from Fantastic Four Annual #5 (1967), courtesy of Messrs. Kirby (who else??) and Giacoia.
Medusa Fantastic Four Annual Inhumans
Medusa Pin-Up in Fantastic Four Annual #5


Anonymous said...

I like Medusa. And I like the way she's been written in the Fantastic Four, even since the 60's., as a serious, strong leader, but boy does she have a dumb super-power.

Shar said...

Thanks for the comments, Anonymous. Your point of view is certainly a valid one. I do think Medusa's power was more imaginatively used in her early appearances with the Frightful Four than was the case later on.

John said...

That gorgeous pin-up of Medusa from FF Annual #5 shows how stunningly beautiful she is more than possibly any other Medusa drawing! How can Reed Richards possibly resist Medusa's charm? It is bye-bye time for Susan Storm!

Shar said...

It really is a great pin-up, isn't it? Definitely the most striking of the ones in that annual.

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