Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sue or Medusa? The Battle Continues!

The public has spoken! It's Medusa by a landslide. Are you paying attention, Marvel?! Send Sue off to Atlantis so Reed can ensconce himself in Medusa's matchless "invincible scarlet tresses."

Fantastic Four 42 Frightful Four Medusa
Fantastic Four #42 (1965) Sue vs. Medusa!

Let's face it, Reed and Medusa have always naturally gravitated to one another. Look at this classic cover in all its versions. Everyone else is charging straight ahead, but notice how Medusa and Reed "lean" into one another. Body language doesn't lie.

Inhumans Fanatstic Four
Fantastic Four #82 and descendants

Reed and Medusa's chemistry is so blindingly obvious that everyone--Ben, Johnny, Crystal, random citizens of Attilan--can't help but notice it. Well, everyone except for Black Bolt, who as usual is oblivious to what's going on right under his nose. And for even more Medusa, Inhuman and FF goodness, check out my Panelocity site!

Fanatstic Four 83 Medusa Reed Richards
Fantastic Four #83

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