Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Medusa: Off Duty!

Here's the mighty Medusa as she first appeared, waaaay back in Fantastic Four #38. Even though she's hiding out from humanity and living in a cave in the middle of nowhere, she still makes sure her cute little outfit and gloves are color coordinated. It's attention to those sorts of details that make or break a look; Tim Gunn would approve.
Fantastic Four 36-FrightfulFour-Medusa
Fantastic Four #36

Boutique chic.
Fantastic Four 38 Frightful Four
Fantastic Four #38
Gorgon, Karnak, and Medusa--in "human" garb.
Inhumans Amazing Adventures 7
Amazing Adventures #7

Medusa in another bright yellow mini-skirted ensemble, enjoying a night on the town with Reed.
Fantastic Four #142

Alas, as we all know Sue eventually returned to Reed, so Medusa's stint as Reed's arm candy was short-lived. Ever the loyal friend to both Reed and Sue, Medusa decided to play down her own charms and she adopted a decidedly less glamorous presentation. Dressed up or down, we still love you, 'Dusa!

And for even more pulchritudinous panels of the marvelous Medusa and her various cohorts--Frightful Four, Inhumans, Fantastic Four--be sure to check out my new Panelocity site!

Fantastic Four 158 Rich Buckler
Medusa ponders her post-Reed options in Fantastic Four #158

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