Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sue or Medusa? What a difference a decade makes!

Recently,  commenter Anonymous opined that Reed should have hooked up with Medusa
back when Sue left him, and I agree!  Regrettably, that never came to pass--that would have been one hell of a storyline--but as a consolation, here's a rollickin' Rich Buckler panel from Fantastic Four #157 with Medusa doing her best Sue imitation. 

I'd say the marvelous Madame M. looks pretty good alongside Mr. Fantastic, don't you think? ;)
Fantastic Four #45 - Jack Kirby                                        Fantastic Four #157 - Rich Buckler


Steve Does Comics said...

Looking at that pic on the right, I don't like the look of Medusa without a mask. It doesn't look right somehow.

Admittedly, given that she doesn't have a secret identity, it's hard to see why she'd actually wear a mask but, somehow, when she does, it lends her a certain je ne sais pas.

On other matters, it's nice to see this blog suddenly burst back into life. Welcome back.

SK said...

Thanks, Steve! Unfortunately due to outside commitments, I probably won't be making updates on a regular basis--but you may see me post a pretty pic here now and again. Love your great blogs, btw.

And you're right about Medusa--sans mask, and courtesy of the fine facial features imparted by Joe Sinnott, she looks like the girl next door.

And I think we agree that Medusa should have a mysterious, belle dame sans merci quality--you know,like she had in many of the early FF Frightful Four issues and in Marvel Superheroes #15--in other words, as inked by Vince Colletta!


Edo Bosnar said...

Never thought about it until now, but the guy with the stretchy, malleable body and the lady with the lady with the incredibly long, prehensile hair would make a pretty good couple...

John said...

Medusa does look beautiful standing next to Reed there. Actually, it may sound strange, but there might yet be a chance for Medusa and Reed Richards to become a couple. Black Bolt recently brought several women with him when he returned home. This cannot be pleasing to lovely Medusa who deserves a man just for herself. Since she is involved in the Future Foundation, there should be an opportunity for Reed and her to spend some time together. Anything is possible n the Marvel Universe. Sharon, I cast my vote for Medusa to get the better of Sue Storm and to take Reed Richards away from her!

SK said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the comments. Love your idea! Yeah, I'm sure Medusa is not crazy about sharing BB. You know, a few years back when Medusa helped the Illuminati (Avengers #8), it was obvious she and Reed were in synch (Reed was the only one who could get through to her). Marvel, are you paying attention??


SK said...

Edo, LOL!! ;)

Thanks for the comments. IIRC some readers have noted that Reed and Medusa's powers were used in very similar ways; so some felt having Medusa around was kind of superfluous. I have to agree; back then she was not used creatively, either power-wise or as a catalyst for some emotional upheaval in the team. Which was a shame and a waste of the character.


Anonymous said...

like that

John said...

Medusa has many admirable traits - intelligence, confidence and beauty. However, in order for her to become a more popular character, Marvel needs to make her more powerful and the best way to do that is to give her some new mental power to supplement her deadly red hair.

david_b said...

Hands DOWN, Medusa.. She was a great selection to add sex appeal to the FF, much better than Crys. I liked her quirkiness in either playing a straight team member, or standing her ground in ish 141 when the FF was fighting back against ol' Annihilus.

She seemed slightly out-of-sync with Johnny's romantic plights, purposefully I'm sure. I'd like to believe ol' Reed and her probably got cozy at LEAST once during her stay at the Baxter (hey, with the proper descreetness shown in comics back then.., one can always hope..).

So glad to see a Marvel Universe figure done of her now so I can put her in the FastastiCar I have at my office; still hoping for a '70s FF costume release for my Legends figures.

Oh, and ALL HALL T.G.A.G.S.C.

Welcome Back..!!!

(Hit it, John Sebastian..)

Sharon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon said...

Appreciate the kind words, David--thanks!

And yes, it looks like a slam dunk for the marvelous, mysterious Medusa!

Love the John Sebastian reference, btw.:)

david_b said...

Ah, meant 'ALL HAIL'..

Sorry, too much late night java intake.. Doug and Karen can attest to my unchecked mispells. :)

Sharon said...

LOL--don't worry,David, your meaning was perfectly clear--and as mentioned, much appreciated! :)

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