Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scarlet Witch and Ava Gardner

I'm sure we've all read about how much Jack Kirby loved the movies. But had he seen these Ava Gardner images when coming up with the Scarlet Witch's look? Back then movie stars' images weren't as available as they are today. But take a look: tousled chestnut tresses, check. Chiseled bone structure, check. Shapely figure, check. And yeah, even a dimpled chin. 😉

movie star Ava Gardner
Scarlet Witch X-Men 4
Wanda the Scarlet Witch in X-Men #4 - Jack Kirby

Ava Gardner Wanda Scarlet Witch


Chim Brouer said...

I've read in an Frank Miller interview (Peter Sanderson, 1981) that many Daredevil characters were based on real persons. Daredevil/Matt was based in parts on Robert Redford, Elektra on Lisa Lyon, Heather on Mia Farrow.

So yes, Jack Kirby depicted Scarlett Witch from the beginning as a "femme fatale". Why not use a movie star as a base model.

Shar said...

Hi Chim, thanks for the info about Miller's DD. Kirby did some great femme fatales back then didn't he? In addition to Wanda, there was the Veronica-Lake lookalike Enchantress and also Lady Dorma (in FF Annual #1). Thanks for stopping by!

The Silver Fox said...

And, of course, Kirby definitely based Big Barda on Lainie Kazan, as has been confirmed by Mark Evanier.

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