Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Medusa Effect...and the Prime of Ms. Jean Grey

We all know that Barry Windsor-Smith's early Marvel work was undeniably Kirbyesque, but here's more evidence that Marvel Girl aka Jean Grey was a Medusa manquée ;) 
They're both great, kick-ass characters--love 'em both!
Fantastic Four Annual 5-Medusa-Inhumans
1967 Fantastic Four Annual #5 Kirby
XMen53-Rageof Blastaar-ArnoldDrake-Smith
1969 X-Men #53 Barry Smith (Windsor-Smith) 


Robert L. said...

If memory serves, as Mr. Spock would say,this is the period when Barry Smith was drawing The Avengers. He has too copied Kirby's style a little too closely. It looks like he swiped a lot of Kirby art to create his issues everyone's super hero team.

Looking at the Kirby picture of Medusa on the left, it reminds me of how good he was on the Fantastic Four. The book was never the same after he left. Many artist like George Perez and John Byrne tried to take qualities from Kirby's art and adapt them in their own style. However Kirby was a master of action story telling and there will never be anyone that will come close to what he did on the Fantastic Four.

Shar said...

Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. Love the Spock reference. :)
Yes, Barry Smith was quite Kirbyesque at the beginning of his Marvel career, starting with the X-Men here and then continuing in 1969 with his work on SHIELD, Daredevil and as you mention, the Avengers. Aping Kirby was essentially a crash course in learning the Marvel house style, back then, anyway.
I agree with you about the artists following Kirby on the FF book--it was never the same, even with some excellent artists such as the ones you mention or John Buscema.
Thanks again for the comments. And btw, I'm going to be using this 1967 Kirby Medusa pin-up again, over at my other blog, probably in early 2015--so stay tuned!


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