Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alter Ego #95 Spotlights Not Brand Echh!...Plus John Buscema's Mighty Revengers

Silver Age fanatics should check out Alter Ego #95 for some great recollections by Roy Thomas, Marie Severin and others about Marvel's Not Brand Echh, the great parody comic book ("Who says a comic book has to be good??").

A line up of great artists drew for NBE, including Severin, Jack Kirby,and Tom Sutton. And speaking of great artists, take a look at this gorgeous page from NBE #12!

For more on Alter Ego #95, visit the TwoMorrows site at

John Buscema Avengers
Avengers in Not Brand Echh #12 by dream team John Buscema and George Klein


J.A. Morris said...

Thanks for posting this page,this was the first issue of NBE I ever read.
Not that I'm complaining,but I don't recall the Wasp being draw so zaftig(for lack of a better word)anywhere else.
I don't see this happening, but I would love to see Marvel publishing a 'Not Brand Echh' Masterworks or Omnibus collection.

Sharon said...

Hi J.A., thanks for stopping by!

I agree, NBE would seem to be a natural for a collection. Maybe Marvel thinks the humor won't age well, but there were a couple of NBE "Unhumans" stories reprinted in the recent Inhumans Masterworks volume and they were just great--absurd and enjoyable.

As for Jan's appearance here: yeah, John Buscema seemed to draw most of his heroines on the voluptuous side, even pear-shaped at times. Unlike artists such as John Romita and Don Heck, Buscema didn't draw many women as being especially slender or attenuated below the waist. The "earth mother" figure he gives his women is really apparent when the woman is wearing what amounts to a one-piece bathing suit as Jan does here, or as the Scarlet Witch basically did during that time.

Anyway, I think Jan never looked more beautiful than when she was drawn by the Buscema/George Klein team. And you know, the guys look pretty great here, too-Buscema was unparalleled when it came to drawing men and their muscles!

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